The University of Lisbon's PhD in Anthropology (DANT) is a joint programme offered by the Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS) and the Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP) with the cooperation of the Centro de Estudos Comparatistas (CEC) of the Faculdade de Letras.


It is a four-year programme with a focus on research. The first year is a probationary one and includes a lecturing component with the aim of developing the theoretical and methodological consolidation of the thesis project, under individual supervision. The following years are entirely dedicated to the development of research and thesis preparation, including the regular participation in research and postgraduate studies seminars.

The personal supervision of the students is a permanent feature of the whole programme. We welcome students who wish to carry out innovative research based on a diverse set of methodologies, from fieldwork to archival research. We similarly welcome and encourage a plurality of theoretical approaches, within the anthropological tradition and in its overlap with other disciplines.

Key Areas of Research

DANT.ULisboa is granted in the areas of Material Culture Anthropology, Anthropology of Economy and Labour, Anthropology of Ethnicity and Politics, Anthropology of Religion and the Symbolic, Anthropology of Health, Anthropology of Kinship and Gender, and Anthropology and History.

Executive Board

João Vasconcelos (ICS, coordinator), Celeste Quintino (ISCSP), José Manuel Sobral (ICS).

Scientific Board

Cristiana Bastos (ICS), Elsa Peralta (CEC-FLUL), Fátima Amante (ISCSP), João Vasconcelos (ICS, coordenador), Paulo Castro Seixas (ISCSP), Ricardo Roque (ICS).


Classes will take place at the ICS facilities, Av. Prof. Aníbal de Bettencourt, 9, University of Lisbon Campus.

Planning and Timetable

Available soon. Classes will begin on October, 3rd 2016.

Study Plan 2018/2019

The PhD in Anthropology has a total duration of 8 semesters corresponding to 240 ECTS.

1st year, 1st semester
Ethnographic Research Methodologies
History and Theory of Anthropology
Research Project in Anthropology I
Postgraduate Studies Seminar I
Anthropology Research Seminar I

1st year, 2nd semester
Body and Society: Anthropological perspectives
Migrations and Borders
Research Project in Anthropology II
Postgraduate Studies Seminar II
Anthropology Research Seminar II

2nd, 3rd and 4th years
22 ECTS/semester
Postgraduate Studies Seminar III to VIII
3 ECTS/semester
Anthropology Research Seminar III to VIII
5 ECTS/semester





Applications deadlines for the academic year 2020/2021:
Phase 1) February 14 to April 13, 2020
Phase 2) May 4th to July 5th;
Phase 3) July 27 to September 6, 2020


Admission Criteria

Students admitted to the PhD programme should meet the following criteria:

Holders of a master's degree or the legal equivalent in any field of the humanities and social sciences.

Exceptionally, in terms of the Portuguese legal rules, holders of undergraduate or graduate courses whose CV and recommendation letters disclose the candidate's outstanding ability to undertake the programme.

How to Apply

The following documentation is required:

a) Certificates of Undergraduate Licenciatura, Master and other academic qualifications, including a detailed academic report stating the grades obtained;

b) Copy (digital format preferred) of the Masters dissertation and, when applicable, copies of the Undergraduate Licenciatura dissertation and published works;

c) Detailed CV;

d) Indication of the area that the PhD candidate is applying for (Material Culture Anthropology, Anthropology of Economy and Labour, Anthropology of Ethnicity and Politics, Anthropology of Religion and the Symbolic, Anthropology of Health, Anthropology of Kinship and Gender, or Anthropology and History);

e) Research project proposal, with a maximum of 20 pages, stating the object of study, research methodology and goals, appropriately structured and based on bibliography of reference from contemporary anthropological debates;

f) Letters of recommendation from Portuguese or international experts recognized by the Postgraduate Studies Committee;

g) English language proficiency (written and spoken) certificate or, in its absence, a declaration on honour for the same purpose.

h) Letter of intent stating the candidate's reasons for choosing ICS' Anthropology PhD programme.

Tuition Fees

2,750 € in the 1st year and 1,375 € annually for the remaining.

Fees for PhD students who obtain funding or scholarship that covers academic costs will be covered by this amount.

From the 2nd to the 4th year, fees are paid to the institution which the coordinator belongs.


Students may, without prejudice to the payment of fees already due, request, until January 31st of each year, the annulment of her enrolment in all the curricular units of the academic year she is attending, cancelling therefore her registration at ICS-ULisboa.