Gender & Generations: methodological and theoretical issues from the Italian case

Gender & Generations: methodological and theoretical issues from the Italian case

20/02/2023 to 23/02/2023


Teaching programme Erasmus+ of Sveva Magaraggia,
Associate Professor, ​Department Sociology and Social Research, University of Milano-Bicocca

Seminar 1 (LIFE Seminars) - Longitudinal qualitative research on Italian youth transitions
20/02/2023 (11:00 – 13:00)

The aim of this seminar is to share methodological reflections and some preliminary analysis of the 5 years long qualitative longitudinal research “ITA.LI - Italian Lives”. The research, directed by Carmen Leccardi, Sveva Magaraggia, and Ilenya Camozzi, is promoted by the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milano-Bicocca and aims at offering an analysis of the life trajectories of young men and women in the context of the contemporary transition to adulthood and its transformations. How can we study the ways in which young men and women deal with transitions that are increasingly not only time-delayed but in a sense suspended?


Seminar 2 - Feminist research methods: debates, tensions, and disagreements
22/02/2023 (17:00 – 20:00)

This seminar aims at sharing and discussing ways to include a critical gendered perspective in a Ph.D. research project. We will try to understand what happened when, in the 1970s, feminist social researchers have begun to “tell better stories” about the gendered social world. Through the examination of these and current debates, we will discuss some of the methodological challenges and choices they made, and use these reflections to enrich the methodological design of our research.


Seminar 3 - Theories, media discourses, social campaigns on Gender-based violence: insights from Italy
23/02/2022 (17:00 – 20:00 )

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a symptom of the cultural order that molds our gender identities and our intimate relationships. When dealing with the issue of GBV, it is crucial to focus on the mediatic, cultural and social factors responsible for its perpetuation. This seminar aims at 1) framing theoretical tools for understanding the complexity of this structural problem; 2) sharing empirical research on the role of GBV in different mediatic discourses; 3) problematising recent Italian social campaigns for the prevention of GBV. 


Sveva Magaraggia

Sveva Magaraggia is an Associate Professor at the University of Milan-Bicocca, Department of Sociology and Social Sciences). She holds an MA in Women's Studies & Research Training (University of Lancaster UK - 2004) and a Ph.D. in Applied Sociology and Research Methods (University of Milan-Bicocca - 2008). Currently, she is part of the Inter-University Centre for Gender Studies “Culture di Genere”, University of Milan-Bicocca. In 2015 she was awarded a DAAD Scholarship and conducted research in Frankfurt, Germany, on “Gender Relations and Parenthood”. The same theme was researched in 2012 in Sydney, Australia, where she was awarded with the “Endeavour Research Fellowship” (Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations).


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