Citizenship Thematic Line

Citizenship Thematic Line

Thematic Line Coordinator: Pedro Magalhães

Description of the Thematic Line:

Liberal democracy is under considerable stress in Europe and elsewhere. Against a backdrop of increasing societal diversity, supranational integration, and fast economic change, signs of democratic delegitimization among citizens are accumulating.

Furthermore, populist movements are challenging democracy's liberal components, including minority rights, checks and balances, and the definition of who belongs to the political community. The Citizenship TL (CTL) is devoted to investigating these socio-political transformations as they impinge on the quality and performance of European democracies.

CTL focuses on three main topics:

  1. Citizenship Rights and Political Equality: Studying conflicts around citizenship rights.
  2. Participation and Representation: Examining the relationship between citizens' political attitudes and behaviours and institutional responsiveness.
  3. Governance: Studying government effectiveness and impartiality.

CTL benefits from research, postgraduate training and outreach across Research Groups: in particular, SPARC, LIFE, Diversities, Empires, RIGoP and Mem-Hist.