M50 Programme

M50 Programme

ULisboa promotes a space for people over 50 where the objective is the confrontation of ideas and intergenerational contacts, where you may develop all their knowledge


Objectives of the M50 Programme

  • To provide the acquisition of new knowledge in a university environment through a programme with a scientific, technical and cultural vocation
  • To promote personal and interpersonal development of the M50, also allowing them to define and discover new life paths
  • To actively take advantage of trainees' previous training and experiences, using pedagogical methods that place them in the position of collective co-creators of their learning
  • To provide a scientific, social and cultural space open to the confrontation of ideas and intergenerational contacts
  • To encourage the pursuit of studies



In collaboration with the different ULisboa schools, the M50 Programme promotes conferences around current themes. The sessions are guided by teachers, researchers and experts in the respective fields. Alongside a theoretical reflection, we seek to promote debate. this is one of the main objectives of the programme.


Conference Cycles organized by ICS