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Study at ICS


Welcome to ICS!

Having celebrated 50 years of existence, the ICS, is well established as an excellence Institute for Research in the Social Sciences. Our researchers distinguish themselves both at the national and the international level in the various areas of knowledge, and the Institute has acquired, over the years a vast experience in postgraduate training.

In terms of postgraduate programmes the ICS has established different formats of teaching and training. There are strategic partnerships with other centres of advanced training, as well as FCT doctoral programes in a few areas. Students choose the ICS because our Institution is equated with excellence, rigour and a close interaction between researchers and students.

Presently, there are over 125 research fellows, 29 staff members and 214 students in the various Social Sciences areas at the ICS.

We hope to be able to contribute to the individual success of every student that joins ICS, who follow in the footsteps of others who have finished and are now furthering academic careers with great added value.

João Vasconcelos
Presidente da Comissão de Estudos Pós-Graduados 



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