Study at ICS

Study at ICS

Dear students, welcome to the Instituto de Ciências Sociais.

We are heirs of a pioneer institution in the development of social sciences in Portugal, the Gabinete de Investigações Sociais, created in 1962 by Adérito Sedas Nunes and integrated into the Universidade de Lisboa in 1982, using its current name since then.

Multidisciplinary, intellectual freedom and scientific rigor have been hallmarks of ICS since the GIS era, which we highly value.

The quality and internationalization of the research we produce and our postgraduate studies have been regularly monitored by international evaluation panels since 1996. In all evaluations, the ICS has earned an Excellent rating, the highest attainable.

In this academic year, we participate - in partnership with other ULisboa schools, in inter-university association or exclusively - in the offer of 9 Doctoral Programmes. We offer disciplinary and interdisciplinary PhDs, focused on some of the most pressing challenges of the contemporary world. We participate in the offer of 3 master's degrees, several summer and winter schools, short-term advanced courses, and university training for seniors at ULisboa.

We cultivate an environment of mutual help and mutual demand, two practices whose balance is essential to provide you with a successful doctoral training.

ICS doctoral students develop their training with personalized guidance and in a research context. They are part of the seven thematic Research Groups in which we are organized, benefiting from the seminars and conferences that guide the Institute's day-to-day life, the ongoing research projects and the international scientific networks in which we participate.

We want you to feel at home and to find at ICS the best conditions for carrying out your theses. That's what we are here for.

João Vasconcelos
President of the Postgraduate Studies Committee


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