Research Activity Support Grants

Research Activity Support Grants


The research activity support grants for doctorate students are financial supports for presentation of communications at international conferences, short term stays at foreign universities and carrying out field work.


1. All students enrolled in thesis ellaboration in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th curricular years of 3rd cycle programmes are eligible for a grant to support research activities.

2. Students enrolled in dissertation elaboration in the 2nd cycle programmes are also eligible.

3. Only students enrolled in ICS are eligible, students enrolled in other institutions are not included.

  • Work Plan
  • Budget
  • Declaration(s) from the supervisor(s)
  • Proof of IBAN

1. The student may apply once per academic year.

2. The application must be submitted within the following periods:

a. 1st phase: 15 January to 15 June;

b. 2nd phase: 15 September to 15 December.

3. Applications for research grants that are submitted in the 2nd phase may be executed in the following civil year if necessary.

Requests for research activity support grants at ICS must be submitted through the FenixEdu platform through the available application on the "Candidate Portal" tab.

The request must be submitted, mandatorily, before the activity.

The maximum amount established by the Managing Body for the research activity support grants at ICS is as follows:

  • 2nd cycle students: € 150
  • 3rd cycle students: € 300

1. 2nd cycle students may request a maximum of one scholarship throughout their enrolment.

2. Students enrolled in 3rd cycle programmes with 180 ECTS may apply for a maximum of two scholarships throughout their enrolment.

3. Students enrolled in 3rd cycle programmes with 240 ECTS may apply for a maximum of three scholarships throughout their enrolment.

4. If students interrupt their enrolment and re-enter the same programme, the count will be cumulative to the previous enrolment, that is, despite making a new application for the programme, they cannot exceed, in the total of enrolment, the limits referred to in the previous paragraphs.

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