The Library of the Institute of Social Sciences was established in 1962 to support the research activities of the Social Research Office, predecessor of the ICS.

Its primary functions are the acquisition, document processing, reproduction and dissemination of documentary collections as well as the responsibility for adopting measures for their preservation and conservation. It is up to you to change the promotion and development of new services and tools for accessing information. It thus promotes services related to the management of digital content, user training, and the management and validation of scientific research data and indicators.

It specializes in the area of Social Sciences, having in its bibliographic fund around 50,000 printed volumes, and around 30,000 periodical publications. It also allows access to a wide range of electronic resources from e-book and periodical databases.

The Catalog is accessible online.

ICS Library Regulation (in Portuguese)


The Library has a general reading room with 28 seats, with all documentation freely accessible, without the need for any prior procedure. It also has two small rooms for consulting reference works and periodical publications in Portuguese, which, however, allow individual work to be carried out.


Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

+351 217804732
Ext. 32232
ICS Building,
1st Floor


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