Sustainability Thematic Line

Sustainability Thematic Line

Thematic Line Coordinator: Luísa Schmidt

Description of the thematic line:

Sustainability is a key area of ICS-ULisboa's current and future research, and a strong pillar of its teaching, policy co-development and outreach work. It embraces inter/trans-disciplinary research to explore the theory and practice of sustainability, examining its past, present and future dynamics, to understand the complex roots of (un)sustainability and current inertia, and shaping sustainable futures, focusing on Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

STL's key research topics include:

  1. Climate action, sustainability transitions and risks: Addressing climate change impacts; risks and perceptions; social vulnerability and environmental justice; adaptation policies; renewable energies; and water management.
  2. Sustainable landscapes: Researching water resources; lived experiences in revitalizations of damaged landscapes; urban waste; sustainable food transitions.
  3. Urbanisation and cities: Analysing urban transformations; housing policies; nature-based solutions; displacement, and access.
  4. Knowledge systems and public engagement with science: Bridging academia and society through science communication; inter/trans-disciplinarity and indigenous onto-epistemologies; inclusivity in scientific deliberation.

STL benefits from and informs the research, postgraduate training and outreach activities of various Research Groups, in particular SHIFT, Diversities, LIFE and RIGoP.