Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The researchers and doctoral students at ICS-ULisboa, as well as their technical-scientific support staff, believe that the challenges they face in their daily lives should not prevent them from getting involved in socially responsible actions that benefit the community as a whole, namely people and groups in situations of social fragility.

By recognizing its civic duty, the ICS community seeks to contribute to the improvement of society through pro bono participation in existing solidarity projects, as well as by creating its own social responsibility programs.

A team made up of researchers and technicians coordinates and selects the activities to be carried out each year, supports the coordinators of each project and seeks to respond to the solidarity aspirations of the ICS community.


Projects and Partnerships

Over the last few years, ICS has been a partner in projects developed in the municipality of Amadora, namely: 'Projeto Escolhas João de Deus, 5ª Geração', Bairro 6 de Maio, and the Project 'Para lá do Bairro - 6 de Maio, 6ª Geração', Venda Nova neighborhood. In these two projects, several activities were carried out, mainly in the organization of sessions that brought together ICS researchers and participants in these projects, with the aim of discussing problems, promoting reflections on issues such as employment, racial prejudice, the dangers of digital era, or for example, sharing knowledge about practical issues, such as building a blog.

The ICS also established a partnership with the Global Platform for Syrian Students Association and created channels to welcome them into its doctoral programs. In addition, and within the scope of the CEC-Center for Clinical Ethnopsychology project, developed by ICS researchers in collaboration with ISPA, psychological support consultations were made available to refugees.

In addition to participating in Social Responsibility activities promoted by ULisboa, ICS is also a partner of the Lisbon Social Network and the Boba Studio 7th Generation Project, also developed in the municipality of Amadora.


Boba Studio 7th Generation Project

ICS is part of the consortium of partners of the Boba Studio 7th Generation Project (Programa Escolhas) promoted and managed by Associação Jardins Escolas João de Deus. The project is developed in the municipality of Amadora and the participation of ICS has been regular in its monitoring. It has also promoted specific activities (e.g. organizing Café Studio sessions to encourage dialogue with the neighborhood's population and work, in a playful way, on some topics of social relevance for children and young people in the neighborhood). The ICS researchers who participated in this project contributed to the development of activities that involved intergenerational relationships in the neighborhood, particularly privileging narrative experiences about its history.