Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Projects and Partnerships

ICS has partnered with the municipality of Amadora to develop various social responsibility initiatives, such as the “Escolhas João de Deus, 5th Generation” project, implemented in Bairro 6 de Maio and the "Para lá do Bairro” - 6 de Maio, 6th Generation” project, implemented in the Venda Nova neighbourhood. As part of these two projects, ICS organised various group sessions bringing together researchers and community members to discuss and debate issues, such as employment, racial prejudice, digital society risks, or simply to share practical knowledge, for instance, on how to create a blog.

ICS is also a partner in the Global Platform for Syrian Students, having created the necessary conditions to welcome students in its doctoral programs. Furthermore, within the scope of the CEC - Center for Clinical Ethnopsychology project, developed by ICS researchers in collaboration with ISPA, ICS researchers provided psychological support to refugee people.

In addition to participating in the Social Responsibility activities promoted by ULisboa, ICS is a partner of the Lisbon Social Network and the Boba Studio 7th Generation Project, also developed in the municipality of Amadora. 


Project Boba Studio 7th Generation

ICS joined the consortium of partners of the Boba Studio 7th Generation Project (Escolhas Program), located in the municipality of Amadora  and coordinated by the Associação Jardins Escolas João de Deus, ICS has provided regular project monitoring and assistance, in addition to promoting specific activities, such as the organisation of two ‘Café Studio’ sessions. This activity entails dialogues with the population of the neighbourhood. In addition, ICS researchers contributed to the development of activities involving inter-generational relationships, particularly through the experience of narratives about the neighbourhood’s history.