Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics

The PhD program in Comparative Politics is strongly based on the research activities conducted at ICS. We aspire to scholarly excellence by combining research and teaching.

ICS is among the top institutions in Portugal as regards research in comparative politics and international relations. Its PhD program provides:
- Training in advanced methodological techniques;
- Exposure to the most up-to-date international research;
- Interaction with cutting edge national and international scholars;
- Integration into an international, multi-disciplinary academic network;
- Unique access to ample bibliographic resources and research funds to be used in Portugal and abroad;
- Individualized supervision and support.

Students are expected to produce an original doctoral dissertation and to launch a successful academic career. Throughout the program, they will be exposed to international best practices and scholars, and they will be asked to present their research to their peers periodically. Academic skills will also be fostered through the presentation of written reports of research advances and results.

The PhD in Comparative Politics has a total duration of 8 semesters, corresponding to 240 ECTS.

Course Units in Year 1 offerstudents research, theoretical and methodological training seminars. At the end of this first year, students are required to submit a draft outline of their doctoral dissertation, in which they define their chosen specialty area, either in Comparative Politics or International Relations. The first year is therefore to be seen as a probationary period.

The remaining six semesters cover the drafting of the dissertation (132 ECTS), together with mandatory participation in Research Seminars (30 ECTS) and the Postgraduate Studies Seminar (18 ECTS).

Working languages are Portuguese and English.

1st Year, 1st Semester

Methodology & Research Design – 5 ECTS 

Research Project in Comparative Politics I / Research Project in International Relations I - 5 ECTS

Post-graduate Studies Seminar I - 5 ECTS

Research Seminar in Comparative Politics I / Research Seminar in International Relations I – 5 ECTS

Workshop Comparative Politics I - 5 ECTS

Workshop International Relations I - 5 ECTS


1st Year, 2nd Semester

Research Project in Comparative Politics II / Research Project in International Relations II - 10 ECTS

Post-graduate Studies Seminar II - 5 ECTS

Research Seminar in Comparative Politics II / Research Seminar in International Relations II – 5 ECTS

Workshop Comparative Politics II - 5 ECTS

Workshop International Relations II - 5 ECTS


Applications deadlines for the academic year 2021/2022:
Phase 1) February 12 to March 12, 2021
Phase 2) July 2nd to September 3rd, 2021;

Given the current context of the pandemic, the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program in Comparative Politics may, exceptionally, evaluate extemporaneous applications.


Application requirements:
(a) Scanned copy (PDF) of the university certificates of the bachelor and masters courses and other relevant academic qualifications, including academic transcripts with the marks obtained and the rating scales used;
b) Copy of the masters dissertation (digital format) and, if applicable, copies of the bachelor dissertation and relevant published works;
c) Detailed CV;
d) Provisional Research Project, including:
- Title;
- Field of knowledge/expertise;
- Summary (150 words);
- State of the Art (500 words);
- Objectives (300 words);
- Analytical description (1000 words);
- Bibliography (20 titles);
e) Two letters of recommendation signed and dated no later than 12 months;
f) Statement of purpose, indicating succinctly the reasons for applying to the proposed programme; 
g) Proof of application fee payment (non refundable).