The Programa Interuniversitário de Doutoramento em História: mudança e continuidade num mundo global (PIUDHist) began in the academic year 2008-2009 and was restructured in 2013-2014, receiving the qualification of FCT Doctorate.

With an innovative curricular organization, the programme includes four defined fields of specialization following a thematic criterion – social dynamics and political structures; institutions and economic development; empires, colonialism and post-colonialism; intellectual and sociocultural movements – definitively going beyond the traditional organization of PhDs in History in specializations bound to chronological periods. This favours a transversal and comparative training, articulated around medium and long-term approaches, which enhances the scientific quality of training and research.

In Portugal, PIUDHist is the first doctoral programme in History that is based on an interuniversitary parternship, bringing together five Portuguese university institutes:

Under agreements signed with other entities, students admitted to PIUDHist can apply for the following doctoral grants

The Doctor of History degree is awarded to students who obtain a total of 240 credits/ECTS through a single document signed by the four partner Universities:

Obtaining the 240 credits is done over a four-year work program that is distributed as follows:

  • 60 credits in the first two academic semesters that award a Diploma of Advanced Studies in History and the respective diploma supplement, in a single document signed by the four partner Universities.
  • 180 credits in the remaining three years through the preparation, discussion and approval of a thesis, including participation in 6 biannual monitoring seminars and respective guidance.


1st Semester

Curricular Units ECTS
Seminário de Projeto I 12 ECTS
Seminário Metodológico 6 ECTS
Seminários de Especialidade I 6 + 6 ECTS (2 to 4 choices)

2nd Semester

Curricular Units ECTS
Seminário de Projeto II 18 ECTS
Seminário de Especialidade II 6 + 6 ECTS (2 to 4 choices)

3rd to 8th Semester
180 ECTS

Curricular Units ECTS
Seminário de Acompanhamento 6 ECTS
Dissertação 24 ECTS


Admission Requirements

The following are admitted as candidates:

  • Holders of Master degrees or legal equivalent in the field of History or any other field in the Social Sciences and Humanities, giving preference to candidates with research experience in History.
  • Exceptionally, holders of a bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent, provided that they have a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum and that they present letters of recommendation that demonstrate their ability to carry out this cycle of doctoral studies.


Application calendar for the academic year 2022/2023

Early Bird: 1st Ferbuary to 18th March 2022
1st Call: 5th April to 6th May 2022
2nd Call: 24th May to 29th June 2022


Presentation of applications: https://sca.lisboa.ucp.pt/CandidaturasOnline/default.aspx

Applicants should formalize their application with the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Qualification Certificate
  • Photograph
  • Motivation letter that states the reasons for choosing PIDHist
  • General presentation of the PhD pre-project (title and objectives, up to 1000 words)
  • Master’s thesis and, if applicable, other relevant publications, in PDF
  • Two recommendation letters

The applicants will be ranked according to the score obtained in the selection process, based on individual merit. The following criteria are considered:

  • Bachelor’s grade: 10%
  • Master’s grade: 25%
  • Experience and capability of developing advanced research: 35%
  • Motivation letter, interview, and PhD pre-project: 30%