Rui Costa Lopes
D. Wigboldus
Jorge Vala
Priming meritocracy increases implict prejudice
André Filipe Silveira
The multiple meanings of justice in the context of the transition to a low carbon economy
Paola Lo Cascio
Siria, el largo camino de la primavera a la catástrofe humanitaria. (un)protected: acción humanitaria y protección a los refugiados en los conflitos armados
Nuno Palma
Jaime Reis
From convergence to divergence: Portuguese demography and economic growth, 1500-1850
André Filipe Silveira
The nature of transitions: Implications for the transition to a low carbon economy
André Filipe Silveira
Justice in the transition to a low carbon economy
António Costa Pinto
Corporatism and the difusion of "organic representation" in european dictatorships
Leonor Freire Costa
Jaime Reis
The chronic food deficit of early modern Portugal: curse or myth?
Susana Atalaia
A parentalidade em contexto de recomposição familiar: O caso do padrasto
Andrés Malamud
Gian Luca Gardini
Debunking Interregionalism: Concepts, Types and Critique - With a Transatlantic Focus (Atlantic Future Working Paper 38)
Marzia Grassi
Places and Belongings: Conjugality between Angola and Portugal (TL Network e-Working Papers, Nº 8)
Vítor Campos
João Ferrão
O Ordenamento do território: uma perspetiva genealógica
Marina Costa Lobo
José Santana Pereira
João Tiago Gaspar
A introdução do voto preferencial em Portugal: uma experiência eleitoral. (IPP Policy paper, nº 6)
Johannes Karremans
Why Not Solve the Democratic Deficit within the EU Through Genuine Transnational Political Conflict?
Andrés Malamud
Argentine Democracy: The Novelty is not Performance but Resilience
Sören Scholvin
Andrés Malamud
Is there a Geoeconomic Node in South America?: Geography, politics and Brazil's role in regional economic integration (Workingpapers ICS 2/2014)
Filipe Carreira da Silva
Outline of a social theory of rights a neo-pragmatist approach (Workingpapers ICS 5/2014)
Marzia Grassi
Jeanne Vivet
Fathering and Conjugality in Transnational Patchwork Families: the Angola/Portugal case (TL Network e-Working Papers Nº5/2014)                   
Nina Clara Tiesler
Three Types of Transnational Players: differing women's football mobility projects in core and developing countries (Workingpapers ICS 1/2014)
Erin Brooke Taylor
Materiality and the making of moral economies (Workingpapers ICS 4/2014)
Andrés Malamud
Isabella Alcañiz
Managing Security in a Zone of Peace: Brazil's Soft Approach to Regional Governance (EUI Working Paper RSCAS 2014/50)                  
Sofia Aboim
Globalization and Identity: reassessing power, hybridism and plurality
Roberto Falanga
Civil servants and participatory processes: A psychosociological action research with the Municipality of Lisbon. In Cases and Simulations Portal for Public and Nonprofit Sectors
Marcelo Camerlo
Aníbal Peréz Liñán
Minister turnover, critical events and the electoral calendar in presidential democracies  (Workingpapers ICS 2)                   
Jaime Reis
Nuno Palma
Leonor Freire Costa
 The Great Escape? The Contribution of the Empire to Portugal's Economic Growth, 1500-1800
Karin Wall
Vanessa Cunha
Sofia Pappámikail Marinho
Negotiating gender equality in conjugal life and parenthood in Portugal: a case study
Filipe Carreira da Silva
Jürgen Habermas e o projecto de uma teoria crítica da sociedade (Workingpapers ICS 5)                  
Andrés Malamud
Overlapping regionalism, no integration: conceptual issues and the Latin American experiences
Patrice Ladwig
Ricardo Roque
Oliver Tappe
Christoph Kohl
Cristiana Bastos
Fieldwork between folders: fragments, traces, and the ruins of colonialarchives
Marzia Grassi
Migratory Trajectories from Africa, illegality, and gender comparative analysis of Portugal and Italy
Pedro Magalhães
Economy, ideology, and the elephant in the room: A research note on the elections of the great recession in Europe
Ana Patrícia Hilário
What about dignity? The meaning and experience of terminally ill patients
Susana Durão
Gramáticas emocionais e morais no atendimento policial a vítimas: o caso português
Dulce Freire
Mónica Truninger
Poached Pears in Wine: the Oeste of Portugal and the European quality construction of place-based foods  (
José Luís Cardoso
O gabinete de estudos corporativos (1949-1961) e a génese de uma biblioteca moderna de ciências sociais
José Luís Cardoso
Pedro Xavier Mendonça
Corporatism and beyond: an assessment of recent literature
Filipe Carreira da Silva
 Global cities, (un)rooted lives: towards a trans-scalar conception of citizenship
Karin Wall
Sofia Aboim
Mafalda Leitão
Observatório das Famílias e das Políticas de Família - Relatório 2010
Sofia Aboim
Gendering modernities: rethinking domination and otherness
João Peixoto
Susana Atalaia
Policies, Families and Integration: A State of Art of Immigration Research in Europe
Anne Cova
O Conselho Nacional das Mulheres Portuguesas (1914-1947)
Andrés Malamud
The European Union and Latin America: Between Wishful Thinking and Late Realism
Pedro Lains
Alvaro Santos Pereira
From an agrarian society to a knowledge economy: Portugal, 1950-2010. Working Papers in Economic History, WP 10-09
Andrés Malamud
La Cumbre Iberoamericana de Estoril: Mucha Honduras pero poca profundidad
Nina Wiesehomeier
The Meaning of Left-Right in Latin America: a Comparative View
Ana Cristina Henriques Marques
Men are not all alike; neither are women: young people's representations about sexuality
Ana Patrícia Hilário
Journeys into end of life research: some methodological considerations
Ana Maria Evans
Bringing Back a Larger Pie from Brussels: The Adjustment of National Party Strategy through Party Switching in the European Parliament. CIES e-Working Paper n.º 63/2009
Vítor Sérgio Ferreira
Elogio (sociológico) à carne: A Partir da Reedição do Texto "as Técnicas do Corpo" de Marcel Mauss
Luísa Schmidt
João Guerra
Alexandra Baixinho
Avaliação do Risco Associado à Poluição Atmosférica em Lisboa - Working Package 5: Ensaios-piloto para a definição de perfis de vulnerabilidade a partículas associados às urgências pediátricas em Lisboa