Seminário SPARC

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Qui . 21 Jan . 14h30 a 16h00
Seminário SPARC
Maria Diez Garrido

This week we restart our SPARC seminars for 2021. And we will have Maria Diez Garrido, communication scientist from U. of Valladolid, who has been a visiting scholar since last November at ICS. She will present her paper and work in progress. The paper is in attach and the title and abstract below.

From opacity to openness. The necessary journey for political parties: A comparison between Spain and Portugal



The Spanish and Portuguese political parties are highly distrusted by the citizens. The promotion of transparency by political parties might be useful to improve this situation of illegitimacy, even though it has not received much attention in previous academic studies. In this article, we also explore not only transparency, but the rest of the principles of Open Government performed by political organizations. We analyzed the development of transparency, accountability, deliberation, decision-making and collaboration by political parties in Spain and Portugal. The methodology used was an in-depth content analysis of the websites of the five main political parties in each country, which was previously supported in a Delphi study and tested in an exploratory study in Spain (Díez-Garrido, 2020). The results of the analysis show that political organizations are still far from being able to be considered "open" and must especially develop the principles that involve citizen interaction.

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Org.  Marina Costa Lobo, Principal Researcher ICS-ULisboa