"Making Mobilization Work: The Adoption of Proportional Representation"

Seminários GI
Qui . 6 Maio . 14h30 a 16h00
"Making Mobilization Work: The Adoption of Proportional Representation"
 Ignacio Lago

This Thursday in SPARC we will have our friend and colleague Ignacio Lago, from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.


The title for his presentation is: Making Mobilization Work: The Adoption of Proportional Representation


This paper examines the adoption of electoral systems in the last two centuries. I argue that PR was adopted to make parties’ mobilization easier when majoritarian electoral systems with many small districts were no longer an efficient response to the problem of collective action in mass elections. With the expansion of suffrage and the parallel process of national integration, mass parties became technologically feasible and took care of bringing voters to the ballot box. PR systems with few and large districts facilitated their mobilization efforts. PR was endorsed by those parties that are found it easier to attract voters using a single mobilization strategy with strong economics of scale, and resisted it by locally focused parties. The argument is tested using longitudinal and cross section data both at the country and party levels. Key Words: Collective Action; Electoral System; Nationalization; Political Parties; Proportional Representation.


The link for this Thursday's 14h30-16h00 session.