"Film, Migration and the Archive"

Conferências e Colóquios
Qui . 2 Jun . 00h00 a Sex . 3 Jun . 23h59
"Film, Migration and the Archive"


2-3 June 2022  - Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Keynote Speakers:

Erica Carter (Professor of German and Film at King’s College London)

 Alexandra D'Onofrio (Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester)


Although the Covid-19 pandemic has, among many other things, drastically changed global human mobility, migration remains a key phenomenon for the understanding of contemporary society. Sounds and moving images of migrants fill the small and large screens around us, with an urgency that has evident political, economic and social implications. The phenomenon of migration is also, of course, historical, which makes the archive an important actor in the current relationship between migration and cinema.

How can we make sense of the footage currently shot and screened, preserved and archived, lost and found, of past and current migration, and what consequences does this have for the understanding of film and moving image archives in the twenty-first century?


The conference takes place in Lisbon and is hosted by the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Lisbon. The conference is organised by the ECREA Film Studies Section in co-operation with ICS-ULisboa, the Research Project “Cartografías del Cine de Movilidad en el Hispánico Atlántico” (CSO2017-85290-P) at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the University of Antwerp.

Conference organisers: Mariana Liz (University of Lisbon), Miguel Fernández Labayen (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Gertjan Willems (University of Antwerp/Ghent University) and Pedro Figueiredo Neto (University of Lisbon).