Democratic Innovations Seminar Series

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Ter . 19 Set . 15h00
Auditório Sedas Nunes - ICS-ULisboa
Democratic Innovations Seminar Series
Roberto Falanga (ICS-ULisboa), José Ribeiro and João Moniz

Starting from September 2023, monthly seminars will be organised with internationally acknowledged scholars on different, however complementary, aspects of the so-called “democratic innovations”. The main goal of the seminar series is to disentangle and discuss cutting-edge questions emerging from the theorisation of democratic innovations. 

Seminars will be based on semi-structured conversations moderated by team members of the EU funded project INCITE-DEM at ICS (University of Lisbon).

The series will be organised in partnership with CC-Demos, the Competence Centre of Participatory and Deliberative Democracy of the European Commission, under the coordination of Dr. Roberto Falanga. Seminars will be edited into podcasts to be disseminated via institutional channels (ICS, CC-Demos, INCITE-DEM). 

1st Seminar - 19 September 2023

3.00 - 5.00 PM - Auditório Sedas Nunes



Prof. Mark Warren - Department of Political Science University of British Columbia

Prof. Thamy Pogrebinschi - Senior Researcher, WZB Berlin Social Science Center


Roberto Falanga, José Ribeiro and João Moniz

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