Conferência Final do projeto EPOCA

Conferências e Colóquios
Qua . 21 Set . 00h00 a Qui . 22 Set . 23h59
Sala Maria de Sousa - ICS
Conferência Final do projeto EPOCA

Inscrições até ao dia 19 de setembro.

EPOCA’s final conference starts with an overview of developments in the field by identifying general trends and patterns concerning questions on corruption asked in cross-national and national surveys followed by an expert roundtable to discuss what works and what is missing in survey studies to deepen our knowledge about social understandings, perceptions, attitudes, and (self-reported) experiences of corruption. It then follows a presentation of cutting-edge works using survey data on corruption by international scholars. English will be the working language during the first conference day. The second day will begin with research workshop dedicated to the discussion of research projects on corruption at the master and doctoral level developed in portuguese universities. In the afternoon, EPOCA’s research team will present the project’s key findings and on going publications.