ICS-ULisboa and Online
12/09/2022 to 16/09/2022
10:00 - 17:30
Portuguese, with possibility of using English


  • To promote the theme of sustainability and its integration in decision-making in everyday life, among the technical managers of different organizations and institutions, in order to enable them to respond to the challenges that the construction of a sustainable society implies.
  • Promote reflection and sharing of solutions that ensure a fair transition to a carbon neutral economy based on the principles of sustainability, at a key moment for the EU and the Member States in terms of the availability of resources and their articulation with a new political agenda.
  • Explore the interconnections between science, economics, management, politics and society and promote contact between different specialists and interlocutors representing different sectors of society.
  • Create the conditions for participants from different areas to explore different proposals and to establish contact networks for future interventions in favor of building a sustainable society.
  • To affirm the Summer School in Sustainability as an initiative of relevant interest to Portuguese society, for its specific contribution in opening new horizons and providing participants with new tools and skills to understand the complexity and interrelational nature of current and future society .


In 2022, the VI Summer School on Sustainability will be held in partnership with APREN – Associação Portuguesa de Energias Renováveis ​​and will promote problematization and reflection on the challenges that a new energy model as is currently recommended – based on the principles of sufficiency, efficiency , renewable sources, climate neutrality, justice and well-being – puts society.
The war context makes the need to change our energy paradigm even more pressing and evident. During this intensive week, the themes of energy poverty, the rehabilitation of buildings, renewable and decentralized production, energy communities, but without forgetting prosumers, and the role that social sciences can play in the necessary change of practices that will have to happen and in the search for social balances that are as necessary as complex. The need for more challenging concepts such as sufficiency and the decoding of our complex system of energy use, which goes far beyond the fuels used for our mobility, will also be discussed.

Are you an anthropologist? Do you capture or would you like to capture sound and image in field work? Are you a historian and do you use archives that include moving images? Are you a sociologist and do you do interviews that you would like to publicize in a dynamic and accessible language? Do you know the rules and conventions of cinema and audiovisual language? The ICS summer school “Cinema e Ciências Sociais” deepens these questions through three guiding axes: “Reading/Seeing Cinema”, “Cinema and Archive”, and “Making Cinema”.
Addressing the relationship between Film and Social Sciences, the sessions feature guest speaker presentations on artistic creation, methods of accessing and working in archives, and academic research in the social sciences. Through the discussion of films developed by researchers, practical cases are analyzed on the value of cinema and audiovisual in subjects such as History, Anthropology, Geography or Sociology, as well as the introductory practice to the making of short films.


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