Qualitative Data Analyses Assisted by MAXQDA

Qualitative Data Analyses Assisted by MAXQDA

20/06/2022 to 24/06/2022
18:00 - 21:00

The main objective of this course is to provide training in computer-assisted qualitative data analysis that guarantees knowledge of the main tools and resources currently available, as well as the main trends in this area. A strong and diversified conceptual and epistemological component will be combined with practical and operational training, which will allow participants to understand the existing options and thus correctly direct their work. Particular emphasis will be given to content analysis as a methodological approach capable of dialoguing with a microcomputer tool to support the research and data analysis process.
In this course, there will be space to carry out operations with the most common types or sources of data, including interviews, focus groups, images, tabulated data, legal diplomas, press collections, bibliographic references, audio or video files, or even data coming from new digital data sources, such as internet pages or social networks. Assisted practice activities will be combined with an expanded set of support materials, including the provision of detailed tutorials for future reference.

Day 1

Epistemological and conceptual aspects of research using qualitative data, support resources

Day 2

Introduction to MAXQDA and project file management

Day 3

Data preparation, analysis and categorization

Day 4

Search, consult and define analysis criteria

Day 5

Report findings and conclusions


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