Photocopies and Prints

Photocopies and Prints


1 – Photocopies of documents kept in the Library are made by readers in the Library itself or, in the case of internal readers, by submitting a request to the print centre. All legal requirements relating to copying, as set out in Portuguese legislation on copyright and related rights and in international conventions to which Portugal is a signatory, must be observed.

2 – When payment is required, it should be made at the ICS cash office. Readers should then present the receipt at the Library counter to collect their photocopies.

3 – If a payment needs to be made after the cash office has closed, the Library will accept the payment and a receipt will be sent by post.

4 – Readers who do not reside in the Lisbon area can request photocopies by submitting a completed form, available from the ICS Library’s website form, by fax, email ( or post.

5 – Whenever possible, requests for photocopies will be fulfilled within 24 hours.

6 – Requests for photocopies must be accompanied by payment in the form of a cheque or postal order made out to the ICS-Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa. Receipts will be sent by post.


Type of User Price per copy
  Normal Front/back page
Internal Reader €0.04 €0.03
External Reader €0.05 €0.04

Plus VAT 20%


Users can obtain prints of cientific articles from our online databases and/or record them on their own CD. They can also be bought on Library acording to the following price table:

User Status Price per copy
Internal Reader €0.09
External Reader €0.11
Cooperating Libraries Free
Non-cooperating Libraries €0.11

Plus VAT at 20%

* Readers can obtain prints of cientific articles from our online databases

Note: prices are subject to revision at the end of each calendar year