Common questions

As an external element to ICS, can I attend the Library?
Yes, all outside people have access to the ICS Library, the consultation of their funds and electronic resources.

Does the Library practice the same opening hours during the holidays?
No, the Library closes at 5:30 p.m., during the Christmas, Carnival, Easter and Summer breaks during the months of July, August until September 15.

Is it possible to do group work or meetings in the Library?
No, given the space available there is no such possibility.

Does the Library provide loans to external users?
No. But external users have access to a local query of all available funds and databases.

Can I make photocopies as an external user?
Yes, the Library has a machine and copies are made on a self-service basis and paid at the service counter.

Does the library have an ATM?
No, however, and in case of a high amount, you can use the existing ATM in the ICS bookstore.

As an external user, can I access articles?
Yes. You can consult all the bases and accesses available on the computers of the Library and download to a pen or send to your personal mail what interests you. You can even bring your own laptop.

Does the Library provide articles to external users?
Yes, if the article you want is part of the databases that the Library signs, you can request the email address biblioteca@ics.ul.pt, and the request will be satisfied as soon as possible without costs.

As an external user can I access wi-fi?
Yes. If you are a student of another University, access through the Eduroam network with your credentials. Otherwise, you can access via ICS / Guest.
Research and Accesses

How do I know if the Library has a certain book (s)?
The documentary fund of the ICS Library is searchable via the web, from the bibliographic catalogue, a system that allows knowing in real time if the Library has what is intended, or if the work (s) is in any of the UL Libraries since it is the joint catalogue. It also allows you to see if the book is available or requested if you submit a return date.

What databases are available in the Library?
The Library subscribes to a number of databases, either individually or in a consortium. You can view all available resources at https://www.ics.ulisboa.pt/biblioteca/pesquisa.

How do I know if the Library subscribes to a particular magazine?
You should do the research by the title of the publication through the link:
If there is access, online, you will have access to the respective links. If access is on paper, you will have access to the journal's history through the indication ICS Library.

How can I find out if the Library has an e-book?
You should do the research through the catalog:
http://aleph18.sibul.ul.pt/F/IN8H39LG38RFDLMH46EBM4VGAPRFJYJEQPTE3PLYMAC... 08424? func = file & file_name = find-l% 20local_base & pds_handle = GUEST
You can also do searches through the various e-book databases.

How can I access ICS scientific output?
You should do the research through the UL Repository, which provides information on all scientific production, and its availability of access http://repositorio.ul.pt/

Why can not I access some documents available in the UL Repository?
Although all scientific production is a compulsory deposit, it does not mean free access, since it may be subject to embargo or non-authorization deadlines. You can ask the author to send a copy by electronic mail through the "Request copy to the author" feature.

Can I access bibliographic databases from home?
If you are an external user, you will not have access to resources outside of ICS because they are paid access to resources, and licensed to ICS.
Internal users can access remotely via VPN and/or Web VPN.

Why am I not getting remote access?
Use of this service requires authentication. Your credentials are provided to you when your ICS membership card is inserted internally. In case of having difficulty using the service, you should contact the ICS IT service.

How can I order a book from the Library?
The Library only makes home loans to internal users, researchers and students.
A user card without which a home loan is not always created is created at the reference counter.

Can I order a book from the Library and request a third-party survey?
Yes. As long as you have a user card and the Library has been previously notified, via email or telephone.

Can I order a library book from another UL school?
No. You can, however, apply for EIB