Seminário do projeto "LIvAL"

Seminars and Workshops
Tue . 9 May . 10h00 to Wed . 10 May . 17h00
Sala Maria de Sousa, ICS-ULisboa, e online
Seminário do projeto "LIvAL"
Christophe Pons e Clara Saraiva

O primeiro seminário do projeto ICS- Aix-Marseille-University (AMU), “Living Altogether! Religious Pluralism, Inclusive Societies And Youth’s Subjectivities In The Face Of Crisis (France-Portugal) – LIvAL”, financiado pelo Programa FCT-Campus-France, sob a coordenação de Clara Saraiva (ICS-ULisboa) e Christophe Pons (AMU- IDEMEC e CNRS, Visiting Scholar ICS-ULisboa), terá lugar no ICS-ULisboa, a 9 e 10 de maio de 2023. O evento (fechado) terá também transmissão online. 

O seminário contará com a participação de investigadores do GI Diversidades, alun@s do DANT-ICS e colegas da AMU.



Understanding youths’ subjectivities is a great contemporary challenge, for modern and future societies, as well as for the human and social sciences. To what extent are the dramatic changes, crisis, and transitions that the world is now seeing affecting processes of subjectivity? This question will be focused in the area of religions, spiritualities, and atheism, among young generations (post millennials aged of 18-28 years’ old) from Euro-Atlantico-Mediterranean regions. Briefly, LIvAL is not an attempt to enhance the importance of Selfsubjective empowerment in religious engagement, a task currently being undertaken by a number of other researchers, but rather an attempt to theoretically rethink – through ethnography, comparative research, formations – what are the diversity of the transformations of Agency and of the conceptions of the Self, what
are the new believes and values about plurality, difference and contradiction, what are the needs and challenges for inclusive future policies. This project has two pillars. The first is strongly structured on a deep and long academic scientific partnership (Projects, Publications, Formations, Reviews) that the French Research Unit leader (IDEMEC) has nurtured with Portuguese social anthropologists and the Lusophony world at large. With LIvAL, IDEMEC & ICS engages in a long-term academic vision of scientific internationalization by opening Aix-Marseille Anthropology toward the trans-Atlantics worlds, and specifically toward the Portuguese-speaking world, filling a major scientific and academic gap. Secondly, secured by a strong FrenchPortuguese partnership and with an already structured offer of academic teaching and formation, LIvAL is a two years springboard project for applying to a European Consortium Project, including further European partners.