General Information

General Information


The Library is a technical service provided by the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS-Instituto de Ciências Sociais) of Lisbon University with the general aim of organising, processing and making available documentation and information pertaining to the social sciences in a wide range of formats.


The Library of the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS-Instituto de Ciências Sociais) was created in 1962 to provide support for the research activities of the Social Research Office, the forerunner of the ICS. Its main aim today is provide documentary support for the institute´s researchers and its Masters and PhD students. In recent years, the Library has opened its services to all undergraduate, Masters and PhD students in Portugal in the field of social sciences. Sociology and political science researchers and teaching staff from foreign universities also use the Library's documental resources.

Reader Services

The Library has a general reading room with 28 places. All its resources can be freely accessed without the need for any prior procedure. The library also has a room with six places for consulting periodical publications.