ICS- ULisboa

SOCIAL HISTORY ARCHIVE ICS hosts the Social History Archive, with important collections for the study of anarchist movements, working-class, corporatist, feminist and students Portuguese organisations,as well asAfrican nationalist movements and Portuguese revolutionary process. The Archive provides invaluable sources for innovative research on contemporary social history. 1500 UPLOADED DOCUMENTS 41 COLLECTIONS C o m t i ll r e a c u t i Q o n o t [ n i 1 P 9 2 6? ] . A rq ui v o d e Hi s t ó ri a S o c i al C o m l ti le r c a t u io Q n o t [ 1 n i 9 P 2 5 ] . A r q u i v o d e H i st ó r ia S o ci a l 10350 LISTED DOCUMENTS ONLINE