ICS- ULisboa

The Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS) (Institute of Social Sciences) is a school of the University of Lisbon and a research unit which is part of the Science and Technology system,with the status of FCTAssociate Laboratory. Research groups at the ICS work in the main areas of the social sciences and are committed to producing innovative knowledge in socially relevant fields. Combining basic and applied science, theory and practice, quantitative and qualitative methods, the ICS is at the forefront of high-level research and post- graduate studies in social science, and seeks to establish a fruitful dialogue with the needs and challenges of a society undergoing permanent change. ICS researchers are well aware of the responsibility of belonging to an institution which has a fifty-year history of excellence in national and international research. But its research agenda also looks to the future, focusing on changing societies by addressing topics which are crucial to an understanding of today's world: inclusion, citizenship and sustainability. The ICS is an institution motivated by the public aim of contributing to a better knowledge of society,seeking in this way to also help build a better society. It is an honour and a privilege to be part of this institution and to be able to benefit from the intense intellectual discussions generated by a community that has its rightful place in the global academic world. INTRODUCTION José Luís Cardoso, Diretor ICS-ULisboa