Inclusion & Vulnerabilities Thematic Line

Inclusion & Vulnerabilities Thematic Line

Thematic Line Coordinator: Vitor Ferreira

Description of the Thematic Line:

Inclusion is at the center of social life and politics. The Inclusion & Vulnerabilities TL develops policy debates and comprehensive sociological and ethnographic approaches to families, age cohorts, intergenerational relationships, social and cultural minorities, and the management of social conflict and tensions, examining a wide range of social inequalities and exposing multiple forms of vulnerability.

Key topics include:

  1. Children, young people, the elderly, and families in a risk society characterized by precarity and uncertain futures.
  2. Vulnerabilities and inequalities throughout the life course, between intergenerational relationships, and present in daily life among a wide range of social and cultural groups.
  3. Multidisciplinary approaches to gender, sexuality, intimate life and the body.
  4. Human and non-human relationalities, as well as the "more than human" multiple life forms co-present in contemporary society.

IVTL benefits from and informs the research, postgraduate training and outreach activities of various Research Groups, in particular LIFE, Diversities and SPARC.