Research Methods on Corruption and Corruption Control Analysis (CORAN)

Research Methods on Corruption and Corruption Control Analysis (CORAN)

09:30 - 11:30
13:30 - 17:30


Make students aware of the diversity of methodological options available to approach the study of corruption, their specificities and limitations and to understand the logic and suitability of different methods of enquiry. By advancing students’ knowledge on these different methodological approaches and techniques we seek to help them obtain a more nuanced understanding of how such a complex normative issue, with social, economic, cultural, institutional and political implications can be studied.

Intended for

Master, doctoral and postdoctoral students, law enforcement officials, journalists and NGO activists working in the field of anti-corruption.

Day 1

Morning Session
(Zoom Platform)

9:00 Welcome address
Felippe Clemente (ICS-ULisboa) and Luís de Sousa (ICS-ULisboa)

9:15 –10:15 Session I | Survey methods applied to the study of corruption
Pedro Magalhães (ICS-ULisboa)

10:30 –11:30 Session II | Mapping legal and institutional frameworks & Interviewing institutional actors
Luís de Sousa (ICS-ULisboa)

Afternoon session
(Zoom Platform)

13:30-14:30 Session III | Experimental methods
Isabel Pinto (UPorto)

14:45-15:45 Session IV | Co-joint experiments
Miguel Pereira (ICS-ULisboa)

16:30-17:30 Session V | Focus groups and questionnaire design for corruption-related surveys
Luís de Sousa (ICS-ULisboa) and Felippe Clemente (ICS-ULisboa)

Day 2

Morning session
(Zoom Platform)

9:15-10:15 Session VI | Simulation method: A Game Theory approach
Felippe Clemente (ICS-ULisboa)

10:30-11:30 Session VII | Statistical methods applied to the study of corruption
Edalina Sanches (ICS-ULisboa) and/or Jorge Fernandes (ICS-ULisboa)

Afternoon session
(Zoom Platform)

13:30-17:30 Panel I | Research Projects and Research Papers
Presentation and discussion of accepted research projects and papers


Working knowledge of English (written and spoken)

Degree in social sciences, economics and management studies, law, humanities or related subjects.


Tuition fee: 60 €
Payment upon registration: 30 € (off total tuition fee)

ICS Community: 50% discount on the total tuition fee

The amount paid upon registration is non-refundable

The school will only be held if the necessary quorum is reached.