Current Topics for Social Partners

Current Topics for Social Partners

Sala Polivalente
To be defined
09:00 - 18:30


The growing complexity and rapidity of changes in the modern world and the relevant role in democracy of representative associations of citizens, in particular of trade unions and employers' associations, lead us to propose the formation of a training that seeks to foster the relationship between science and society.

There is already training aimed at these audiences, either by companies and specialized associations or by the organizations themselves. Also with regard to the academy, there is an offer that can cover them, as it happens with post-graduations on syndicalism and occasional collaborations.

However, there seems to be no direct communication bridge between academia and organized civil society. It is therefore intended, for the first time, to structure an intensive educational offer in the social sciences on priority topics of the present day that inevitably touch or affect the activity of these audiences, which takes into account their experience and suits their needs .



Share existing specialized knowledge in ICS-ULisboa and that is based on consolidated theoretical contributions and recent empirical evidence.

Respond to the existing needs among the human resources of associations representing civil society, in particular trade unions and employers' organizations.



Intended for

Leaders, partners and professionals working in union associations, employers and other non-profit organizations (associations, collectives, IPSS, foundations, etc.). Other stakeholders.

Teachers / scientific Coordination

Luísa Schmidt (ICS-Ulisboa)

Vanessa Cunha (ICS-Ulisboa)

Marina Costa Lobo (ICS-Ulisboa)

Susana Salgado (ICS-Ulisboa)

Mariana Pereira (OIT-Lisboa)

To be announced (DGERT-MTSSS)


Gender and work-life balance

Vanessa Cunha

Climate change and sustainability

Luísa Schmidt

Quality of democracy in Europe

Marina Costa Lobo

Communication, social networks and digitalisation

Susana Salgado

Labor relations and collective bargaining

(a anunciar - DGERT)

The Future of Work

Mariana Pereira (Escritório OIT em Lisboa)





€ 150
Early Bird (until July 15): € 120

Single Module - 50€

Payment upon registration: 30 € (deductible from tuition - non-refundable)
The ICS-ULisboa and ISCTE-IUL Community: 50% off on tuition

The school will only be held if the necessary quorum is reached - 10 Participantes

Coordenador Externo 
Ulisses Garrido
Ex-diretor de formação do Instituto Sindical Europeu