Cinema: Readings and Contexts

Cinema: Readings and Contexts

Classroom 3
08/04/2019 to 10/04/2019
09:30 - 17:00
Portuguese, with possibility of using English


Introduce film as an object of analysis in the Social Sciences and Humanities,

Explore the main tools of audiovisual literacy,

Explore theoretical paths and current perspectives on the contexts of preservation, programming and the dissemination of cinema,

Provide the possibility to contact directly with moving images in national and municipal archives, and to discuss along researchers and professionals in the area of preservation, programming and dissemination of film, video and audiovisual.


Course consisting of two types of sessions articulated among themselves: a) discussion sessions, organized by thematic panels dynamized by the teachers, with the presence of invited speakers; and b) visits to institutions related to the area of cinema, namely its preservation, curation and programming.

Intended for

Students, academics, archivists, audiovisual and cultural professionals, journalists, teachers of primary and secondary education, filmmakers.



With a total duration of 20 hours, the school lasts for 3 days and is divided into two types of sessions, articulated among themselves, focusing on 3 sessions, with related speakers: "Read Cinema", "Cinema and Archive", "Cinema and Exhibition".

These sessions feature presentations on academic, artistic, and work method and file access issues; the institutional work of curatorship, cineclubism and the programming of film festivals; contemplating research on the audiovisual in history, anthropology and sociology.

In close connection with the debates, visits are made to 3 institutions related to preservation, curation and cinematographic programming: Cinemateca Portuguesa, National Archive of Motion Picture (ANIM), and Videoteca de Lisboa.





€ 80

Payment upon registration: € 30 (application fee, deductible from tuition fee)

ICS students: 50% off on tuition

The amount paid upon registration is non-refundable

Limited vacancies (20 registrations). Registration until 3 April.