4th Summer School in Sustainability

4th Summer School in Sustainability

13/09/2021 to 17/09/2021
10:00 - 13:00
14:30 - 17:00
Portuguese, with possibility of using English


Promote the theme of sustainability and its integration in daily decision-making, with the technical leaders of different organizations and institutions, so as to enable them to respond to the challenges that the construction of a sustainable society implies.

Explore the interconnections between science, economics, management, politics and society and promote the contact between different experts and interlocutors representing different parts of society.

Provide concrete solutions to the most pressing challenges in the area of ​​sustainability, both national and international.

To explore diverse proposals and to establish contact networks for future interventions in order to build a sustainable society.

To acknowledge the Summer School in Sustainability as an initiative of relevant interest to Portuguese society, for its contribution in terms of opening new horizons and providing participants with new tools and capacities to understand the complexity and interrelated nature of current and future societies .

Intended for

Public administration boards (central and local)
Technical staff - companies and business associations
Non-governmental organizations workers
Youth Party Leaders
University students from different disciplinary areas

For each module different speakers will be invited, depending on the topics under discussion. It is expected that at least ten external speakers will be involved.


You can check the programme here


Shown interest for the heme

 Working positions that require the integration of sustainability and the articulation between environmental, social and economic aspects

Featured CV


Payment until June 30th
Students / NGO - 100 €
Public sector - 200 €
Private sector - 250 €

Payment after June 30th
Students / NGO - 150 €
Public sector - 250 €
Private sector - 300 €

Payment upon registration: 30 € (off the total tuition fee)

ICS Community and Partners: 50% off on total tuition fees
The registration fee is non-refundable

This school will only be held if the necessary quorum is reached.