The new Erasmus+ program (Key Action 1) offers you the opportunity to get to know Europe through mobility.

ICS has entered the Erasmus+ program since 2016, thus recognizing the importance of allowing its doctoral students to develop their knowledge, through contact with the most renowned research centres in Europe, as well as implementing the objectives of the European Agenda for growth, employment, equity and social inclusion.

Applications are expedited by the fact that ICS is a part of an extensive network of partnerships under the Erasmus+ Program; nevertheless, the host institution must verify and communicate to the institute their acceptance or refusal after receiving student’s applications.

We can also send and receive students, teachers and staff to and from all the institutions with previously existing protocols with the University of Lisbon.
The absence of an inter-institutional agreement will not represent an impediment when it comes to applying for a particular Higher Education Institution. ICS-ULisboa will get in touch with the desired institution and make the necessary endeavour to get the mobility protocol signed.

For foreign students who wish to come and study at ICS-ULisboa under the Erasmus + programme, the institute offers excellent conditions for the development of their research projects, either in terms of individualized supervision as in working conditions. This way, they shall expect:

  • Administrative support provided by the Erasmus office, students, teachers and PhD coordinators;
  • Portuguese as a Foreign Languages Courses for Erasmus students (see here);
  • A chance to take part in all the Institute’s events and activities.

Eligible activities

A higher education mobility project must contain one or more of the following activities:

  • Student mobility for studies;
  • Student mobility for traineeships;
  • Staff mobility for teaching;
  • Staff mobility for training.

Who can apply?

  • ICS-ULisboa PhD students enrolled in years following the first one of the degree programme.

Dates to keep in mind:

May, 15th to the 27th - Call for interest
May, 29th - Communication of the results as regards the selection process.
May, 29th to the 31st - Application 

Duration of the mobility programme

Minimum mobility period of 2 months and Maximum of 5 months per study cycle (students).

How to apply?

To answer the Call for Interest, please fill out the form here or on the side of this page.

 Applicants must submit the following documents:

Identification document;
Curriculum vitae;
Description of their research project containing information from their supervisors;
Letter of intent (Brief description of the mission goals - maximum of 200 words) in which candidates explain how their participation in Erasmus+ is suitable and can contribute positively to achieve the intents of the mission, as well as the importance of the proposed host institution ( in English);
Letter of Motivation (English, maximum of 200 words);

Selection Process

An internal ICS jury will evaluate the applications, in accordance with the following criteria, for the academic year of 2019/2020:

Curricular year’s grade (at the date of application) - 30%
Letter of intent and letter of motivation - 45%
Curriculum Vitae - 25%

Mastery of the English language is advisable, although it will not be considered an exclusion criterion.

Important Notes

FCT scholarships are not compatible with Erasmus+
Due to Brexit and political instability, mobilities to the United Kingdom and Turkey are not advised.