Social Research Methods (MetodICS)

Social Research Methods (MetodICS)

Academic Year 2023/2024 - 1st Semester
Portuguese, with possibility of using English

The Postgraduation in Social Research Methods (MetodICS) offers an epistemological, theoretical, practical and multidisciplinary approach to methods and techniques used in the production and analysis of data in the social sciences.

The programme is organised in autonomous modules, articulated according to the following components: entry into the field; data production; data analysis; communication of results; ethical issues.

This Postgraduation is aimed at researchers and students in higher education, communication professionals, technicians from fields of social and educational intervention, and from other fields where the production and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data is carried out.

Scientific Committee

Marcelo Camerlo (Coordinator), Alda Botelho Azevedo, Simone Frangella, Vasco Ramos, Vítor Sérgio Ferreira


To obtain a postgraduate diploma in Social Research Methods, students must complete five out of eight of the modules offered, resulting in 30 ECTS.


1. Basic Tools

  • Nature and process of social research
  • Strategies
  • Designs
  • Essay
  • Ethical challenges

2. Making Conversation: Narrative Methods

  • Individual interviews
  • Group interviews and discussion groups
  • Listening workshops and laboratories
  • Emerging forms of storytelling
  • Analysis and reporting of narrative data

3. Interactions in Context: Ethnographic Methods

  • Fieldwork and ethnographic research
  • Participant observation and the analytical record
  • Digital ethnography
  • Ethnographic writing: description and narrative
  • Ethics in ethnographic contexts

4. (Re)Counting What Matters: Statistical Methods

  • Descriptive analysis
  • Inferential analysis
  • Multiple correspondence analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Regression analysis

5. Reading, Hearing and Seeing is Believing: Historiographical Methods

  • Archives and libraries
  • Oral history
  • Material culture
  • Photography and film
  • Ways of making History

6. Your Opinion Matters: Methods of Inquiry

  • Sampling
  • Inquiry modes
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Analysing survey data

7. Doing Science in Dialogue: Participatory Methods

  • Objectives, tools and evaluation
  • Institutional spaces and civic activation
  • Participatory methodologies with stakeholders
  • Participatory methodologies with children and young people
  • Citizen science

8. Exploring Other Possibilities: Creative Methods

  • Visual and photographic methods
  • Speculative methods
  • Multimodal methods
  • Art and performance
  • Creative workshops


The programme admits holders of a bachelor's degree in any scientific field as applicants.


Applications 2023/2024

1st Call: 26th April 2023 to 26th June 2023
2nd Call: 24th July 2023 to 25th August 2023

Applications through the ICS FenixEdu platform:
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The application fee is € 50.

Applications must be submitted with the following documents:

  • Certificate of Qualifications (master's or equivalent academic degree);
  • Academic, scientific and professional curriculum;
  • Letter of Motivation.

The validation of the application implies the payment of the respective fee.