Electoral Behaviour in Portugal

Electoral Behaviour in Portugal

The Observatory for the Quality of Democracy (OQD) is a permanent research program of the Institute of Social Sciences that promotes and organizes projects focused on the diverse characteristics, functioning and quality of democratic regimes.

Created in 2010 as the Barometer for the Quality of Democracy, the OQD aims to be a repository of relevant information on issues involving democracy in Portugal and in other Portuguese-speaking countries. In this sense, the OQD aims to be a space for dissemination and production of reference knowledge at the national and international level.

The OQD has the following objectives:

To conduct studies on the quality of democracy in Portugal and issues related to representative institutions;

To be a reference program at the national and international level with regard to the study and measurement of the quality of democracy;

To collect and disseminate relevant data and information on democracy in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOPS);

To contribute to knowledge production about democracies in Portuguese-speaking countries.