Fees and Emoluments ICS-ULisboa 2021/2022

Fees and Emoluments ICS-ULisboa 2021/2022

All relevant information regarding tuition fees is available in the Regulamento de Propinas da Universidade de Lisboa, aprovado pelo Despacho n.º 5621/2015, de 27 de maio.

All specific information regading tuition fees at the Institute may be read on regulamento de propinas do ICS-ULisboa. The annual tuition fee for ICS-ULisboa students can be paid at once or in 10 installments, according to the values in the Tabela de Propinas por Cursos 2021/2022.

For courses whose candidacy, registration and enrolment take place outside of ICS-ULisboa, please consult the Deliberação do Conselho Geral da ULisboa on the setting of tuition fees.


Tuition: Full-time

Whenever there is an enrollment in curricular units, the corresponding tuition is generated, according to the cycle of studies and the tuition regime in which the student is found. By default, ICS students are placed on a full tuition fee basis for the entire academic year.

For the academic year 2021/2022, the following tuition fees were approved by the Conselho de Gestão do ICS-ULisboa:

Tuition: Part-time

A part-time study regime is understood as one in which the student, in each academic year, enrols in part of the total number of curricular units to which he could enrol in the full-time study regime.

Under this regime, the student does not pay the full tuition fee, and can enrol in curricular units for which the sum of annual ECTS credits does not exceed 50% of the maximum number of ECTS credits allowed for the full-time enrolment. Therefore, enrolment is allowed for a total of 30 ECTS credits/year.

Change to part-time tuition regime

The request to change the study regime must be made on the Fénix platform (Pessoal > Services > Requisitions > Create > Requisition).

The part-time regime remains valid only during the academic year for which it is requested.

Tuition amount

Up to 30 ECTS credits corresponds to 65% of the full tuition fee.


The tuition fee can be paid in full on the date of payment of the 1st installment or in 10 installments, for which the due dates are published on the Fénix platform.

In addition to the tuition fee, you must also pay the enrolment fee at the beginning of each academic year. Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Payment with ATM Reference, using the references indicated in Fénix (Aluno > View> View Account > Payment References);
  • Online Payment, on the Fénix platform (Aluno > View > View Account > Online Payment);
  • Cash, at the Treasury (Floor 1 - Cabinet 1.09).

The invoice will be made available on the Fénix platform after each payment and will have the student's tax number (VAT number). If an invoice with a different VAT number is required, the details must be sent, before payment, by email to gestao.financeira@ics.ulisboa.pt.


School Insurance

In the event of an accident, the student must submit the Claims Form for Personal Accident (formulário de Participação de Sinistro por Acidentes Pessoais) to the insurance company, after it has been validated by the Serviço de Gestão Académica.

This document must be accompanied by a medical certificate issued at the health care unit to which the student went.

Policy: Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS-ULisboa) – NIF: 506 101 347 Nº ES64523925

Personal Accidents Line:

  • Telephone: 808 29 39 49 (working days from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)
  • E-mail: sinistro.ap@fidelidade.pt
  • Address: Fidelidade – Companhia de Seguros, SA, Direção de Negócio de Acidentes de Trabalho e Pessoais, Largo do Calhariz, nº 30 – 1249-001 Lisboa


According to Deliberação n.º 645/2021, de 25 de junho de 2021, the fees for academic acts practiced at ICS are: