Ethnography: weaving the thread between methodological practice and writing

Ethnography: weaving the thread between methodological practice and writing

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The course aims to deepen knowledge about ethnographic writing, a practice that underlies anthropological works, but which has been increasingly used in other fields of the social sciences and humanities, such as the disciplines in Education, Social Communication, Health, among others.
We intend to promote, in this period, a reflection and practice workshop of ethnographic writing in order to deepen and experiment the exercise of ethnography.
The course will have three types of activities distributed over the days:
1. Theoretical seminar with methodological and epistemological approaches to ethnographic writing a;
2. Readings directed to ethnographic texts guided by researchers and analyzed by course participants; and
3. Practical workshop on observation and ethnographic writing, in order to assist in the development of forms of ethnographic writing through the practical monitoring of the writing of a short essay.

Intended For

PhD students, at the beginning of the course or writing their master's or doctoral theses in anthropology, and for researchers in other areas of Social and Human Sciences, and professionals from different areas, such as Social Communication, Education.

Monday - September 07th

Seminar 1: From narrative to ethnographic writing - methodological and epistemological transformation. Simone Frangella (ICS - ULisboa) and Irene Rodrigues (ISCSP - ULisboa)
Directed Reading 1 - Text presented by Fátima Amante (ISCSP - ULisboa)

Free reading

Tuesday - September 08th

Seminar 2: Producing an ethnography: Narratives, reports and devices (contextualizing ethnography from the materials that compose it and its place in scientific practice) - Irene Rodrigues (ISCSP - UL)
Directed Reading 2 - Text presented by João Vasconcelos (ICS-ULisboa)

Seminar 3: From field notes to the final text: the construction of dialogue (question of mutuality) - Simone Frangella (ICS - ULisboa)
Directed Reading 3 - text presented by Marcella Coelho (UNB) and Susana Matos Viegas (ICS-ULisboa).

Wednesday - September 9th

Ethnographic Observation Exercise
Conducted by Simone Frangella and Irene Rodrigues

Workshop - Guidelines and Practices
(Conducted by Simone Frangella and Irene Rodrigues)
Sharing observation narratives
Discussion of ethnographic experiences. Starting the written drawing.

Thursday - September 10th

Seminar 4: Ethnographic Writing
Workshop - Ethnographic Writing Challenges
(Conducted by Simone Frangella and Irene Rodrigues)

Presentation of the writing drawings and discussion of the results.
General appreciation of the workshop.

Friday - September 11th 

Seminar 5: Ethnographic Writing
Closing Lecture: Professor João de Pina Cabral (SAC / Univ.Kent, ICS-UL)


Graduates in Social Sciences or Humanities.


Tuition fee: 90 €
Payment upon registration: 30 € (off total tuition fee)

ICS and ISCSP Community: 50% discount on the total tuition fee

The amount paid upon registration is non-refundable

The school will only be held if the necessary quorum is reached.

Coordenador Externo 
Irene Rodrigues