Open Day

Open Day

Dear students,

We invite you to participate in OPEN DAY 2024, the annual forum for discussion and socializing among ICS students, with a brief presentation of your work.

The Managing Body is pleased to invite the students to join the ICS community for the lunch that will take place on 5 June in the convivium room on the 5th floor.



The Open Day is an event organized by the ICS Pedagogical Council, in which students present their ongoing research, from the project phase to preliminary or more consolidated results.


To train synthesis, public presentation and critical reflection skills. And, very important, to encourage academic discussion and mutual knowledge between master's students, doctoral students and researchers from all scientific areas of the ICS. At the same time, the Open Day seeks to stimulate or encourage inter-generational communication within the ICS community, fostering dialogue and contact between doctoral researchers and ICS emeritus researchers; The Open Day will therefore feature a final round table entitled “How do you write a thesis in Social Sciences?” in which researchers from the various ICS disciplinary areas will be able to share their doctoral thesis experiences in a more informal setting.


All master's students, doctoral students and visiting students of the ICS, enrolled in the programs, can present communications.


In panels of 4 or 5 students, each of whom has up to 5 minutes to make their presentation, and a discussant, which is a researcher from the Institute, who has equal time to intervene, followed by an open discussion. The working languages are Portuguese and English.


On June 5th and 6th, Wednesday and Thursday.


At ICS, in the Maria de Sousa Room. In-person participation is worth half of the Open Day. Socializing during coffee and lunch breaks allows students and researchers to get to know each other and exchange views on their research, beyond the boundaries between disciplines and doctoral programs. It is up to us all to counteract, in these two days, the isolation that occurs in the process of academic life. It's a worthwhile effort!

In order not to exclude students who are outside the country or who are unable to attend in person for other reasons of force majeure from the meeting, it will also be possible to participate via video conference. This option must be indicated on the registration form.


Filling out the form available on FenixEdu until 27 May. You must access: myFenix > Services > Requisitions > Create > Open Day.

Title of the communication and summary (up to 1000 characters) in Portuguese or English, depending on the language used in the presentation.


We await your registrations! The event is open to the public.


The organising team,

Alice Ramos, António Pedro de Barros, Fábio Rafael Augusto, Joana Sá Couto, Katia Favilla, Ricardo Roque (Pedagogical Council), Daniel Cascão and Adriana Inácio (Academic Management Service).