Migrations Studies (3rd call)

Migrations Studies (3rd call)

Programme Structure
In the first year, students attend weekly seminars which provide theoretical, methodological, and writing training. You are expected to develop and work on your thesis topic. You will also have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of lectures, workshops, conferences and language courses offered by the University of Lisbon. Your training needs will be assessed and discussed with your assigned supervisor. In the following years, you will conduct your research and write your dissertation. You will also attend a weekly workin-progress seminar at ICS, present your research and discuss emergent migration related topics. During this stage, you will be strongly encouraged to attend the many research seminars and lectures on offer at the Institute and
elsewhere in the University.

The allocation of supervision is the responsibility of the Scientific Committee of the programme. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences with a particular member of academic staff from the four institutions. Occasionally, we can also invite external academics to join your supervision team. 

Graduate Destinations
The importance of migration on a global scale translates to multiple possibilities for future employment in local and national governments, international governance bodies and non-governmental organisations, and academia.

Admission Requirements
• Holders of a Master’s Degree or legal equivalent in Social Sciences or other related disciplines.
• Exceptionally, holders of a pre-Bologna Degree or equivalent, holders of an especially relevant academic or scientific curriculum attesting the capacity to carry out the PhD Programme.

Application Process
Please apply at the link.
Candidates must formalize their application with the following documents:
• Curriculum Vitae
• Academic Diplomas
• Indication of the field of knowledge in which you intend to carry out the PhD (i.e., Anthropology, Education, Geography, Political Science and Psychology)
• Research project, indicating the research topic, methodology, objectives of the investigation and a bibliography
• Letter of intent, setting out the reasons for choosing the study program and presenting the domain to be investigated, and the objectives of the work that the applicant proposes to develop during the PhD
• Identfication document (ID card, passport) and a photograph Selection and Ranking Criteria Candidates will be ranked by the Scientific Committee of the programme according to their academic, scientific and technical curricula, the adequacy of academic training to the requirements of the doctoral program, the declaration of intentions and motivation and the evaluation of a possible interview.

Deadlines (3rd Phase)
Application: November 2, 2021 - January 21, 2022
Results by February 4, 2022
Enrollment: February 7 - 10, 2022

Non-refundable application fee: € 60.00
Annual tuition fee: € 2750.00
Registration fee: € 15.00
School insurance: € 2.03 
Students who start their Doctoral Programs in the 2nd semester are exempt from 50% of the annual fee.