Migration Studies (2nd Call)

Migration Studies (2nd Call)

About the Programme

The PhD programme is offered jointly by the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), the Institute of Education (IE), the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT), and the Faculty of Psychology (FP). DeMig confers a doctorate degree in the fields of Anthropology, Geography, Education, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. As a PhD student you will carry out your own original research project under the guidance of your supervisor(s). DeMig’s academics offer supervision in a wide range of subjects, including identity formation, prejudice, discrimination, integration, borders, asylum and refugees, transnationalism, urban change, citizenship, and health and wellbeing. The programme offers the opportunity to link research training to research practice. You will be offered the possibility of joining long established research teams, each with experience in collaborating with non-academic parties and generating research impact.


Applications exclusively online through FenixEdu: https://fenix.igot.ulisboa.pt.

If you already have an IGOT account, you must use your Campus/Edu credentials to apply. You can regain access to your ULisboa account at: https://utilizador.ulisboa.pt.

If you have never been an IGOT student, you must register at: https://fenix.igot.ulisboa.pt/accountCreation.

If you do not remember your IGOT Fénix access data, you must regain access at: https://fenix.igot.ulisboa.pt/passwordResetRequest.

The application costs 60 €.

Os candidatos devem formalizar a sua candidatura com os seguintes documentos:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic Diplomas
  • Indication of the field of knowledge in which you intend to carry out the PhD (i.e., Anthropology, Education, Geography, Political Science and Psychology) • Research project, indicating the research topic, methodology, objectives of the investigation and a bibliography
  • Letter of intent, setting out the reasons for choosing the study program and presenting the domain to be investigated, and the objectives of the work that the applicant proposes to develop during the PhD

Applications (1.st Call)
14/03/2021 - 29/04/2022

Applications (2.nd Call)
4/07/2022 - 26/08/2022

Applications (3.rd Call)
31/10/2022 - 20/01/2023

Application fee: 60 €
Enrolment fee: 15 €

1st year: 2750 €
2nd, 3rd and 4th year: 1375 €/year