Memory and Legacies Thematic Line

Memory and Legacies Thematic Line

Thematic Line Coordinator: Cristiana Bastos

Description of the Thematic Line:

The study of contemporary societies involves the combined understanding of the historicity of social processes and of the presence of the past in everyday themes. Some of those themes have been brought to public attention with emphasis, others have remained under scholarly scrutiny; they include, among others, the legacies of enslavement, indenture, and plantation economies; racisms and nationalisms; colonialism, empires and diasporas; narratives of identity, culture, and memory; urban displacements and social movements; etc. Although much of our research has focused on Lusophone contexts, our purpose is to go beyond that universe of reference and participate in global debates and current scholarship.

Combining qualitative and quantitative methods, our researchers explore:

  1. The socioeconomic structures and inequalities.
  2. The government of difference in historical perspective.
  3. Cultural production, imaginaries, conceptual formations.
  4. The material and immaterial mediation of memories and heritage.
  5. Archives and collections.

MLTL researchers, who work predominantly with the Research Groups Diversities, Empires, Mem-Hist, and RIGoP, are committed to the study of those entanglements of past and present, contributing both to ICS-ULisboa's mission of studying contemporary societies and to contribute to public policies.